A Yorkshire Christmas

Aston Martin // DB4

Our specialist automotive CGI techniques enable us to capture and create beautiful iconic imagery. Here an Aston Martin DB4 3D model gets the treatment.

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Titanic Museum // Belfast

Client Titanic Belfast Agency Graham English & Co Producer Nev Howell Production CGI & Post Visual Motif Click to watch Video OverviewTitanic Belfast® opened in March 2012 and is a visitor experience like no other, incorporating innovative interactive features, special effects, dark rides and full scale reconstructions to explore the Titanic story in a fresh, [...]

Battle of Britain

Client Battle of Britain Memorial Trust Agency Elbow Productions Producer Graham English & Co Director / VFX Nev Howell Production CGI & Post Visual Motif Click to watch Video Overview2015 saw the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. As part of many events to commemorate the occasion, the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust opened [...]


Check out some of our favourite shots from projects completed since we were established in 2011. We'd love to know what you think, so please share.

Cloudmaster // DC6

Client Cloudmaster Ltd Agency Bannenberg & Rowell CGI & Post Visual Motif Click to watch Video OverviewCloudmaster Ltd are in the process of bringing the prestigious Douglas DC-6 aircraft back to life with a multi-million pound restoration for private charter. We were originally approached by the company back in 2013 to work alongside the esteemed [...]

Mclaren // MP4

Photography HDRI Locations CGI & Post Visual Motif OverviewHaving been inspired by the beauty of the McLaren MP4, we decided to use the car for an in-house proof of concept focussing on HDRI maps and image-based lighting.ResponseUtilising a pre-bought 3d model of the car, we chose to texture it in a way which ensured it [...]

Bose // A20

Client Bose Agency Studio Liddell CGI & Post Visual Motif Click to watch Video OverviewAs part of our longstanding relationship with Studio Liddells, we recently worked alongside them on a project for Bose, to create a marketing animation of the new A20 aviation headphones.ResponseWhilst Studio Liddells provided the 3d model of the headset, we were [...]

Sakar Camera

Product Designer Open2Design CGI & Post Visual Motif OverviewWe work closely with product design company Open2Design to assist them in the display of their emerging product lines. Our role focusses on creating product images for presentation to end clients and for marketing.ResponseOn this occasion Open2Design tasked us with the texturing and lighting of the product [...]