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Cloudmaster Ltd are in the process of bringing the prestigious Douglas DC-6 aircraft back to life with a multi-million pound restoration for private charter. We were originally approached by the company back in 2013 to work alongside the esteemed Bannenberg and Rowell Design to help in the creation of some internal and external marketing images of the aircraft.


Photographs of the original aircraft were provided by the client, alongside some additional imagery of other recently restored Douglas DC-6’s. Using the limited amount of reference material available, we were able to create a full 3-dimensional model of the aircraft’s exterior. We then art directed a series of still images, including appropriate scene environments and lighting for both the still images and the marketing animation.


Our longstanding partnership with Cloudmaster Ltd has seen us produce various cgi images and short animations of the aircraft, some of which can be viewed on this page and in our showreel. These images have been used by Cloudmaster Limited as part of their worldwide marketing campaign, and have featured in several magazines throughout America and Europe.

We discovered Visual Motif while looking for an accomplished studio to render images of our exceptional classic airliner restoration project.

Right away it was clear that Richard and his team understood the brief. It helped enormously that he had a real passion for the subject, gathering large quantities of peripheral material in order to fully explore the backstory. It was this thorough attention to detail in depth that enabled the final renderings to move beyond the merely accurate to a level of immersive realism that keeps even the experts guessing.

Alongside this attention to technical detail is a highly approachable manner. Working with Visual Motif is uncomplicated and rewarding, for us and our other suppliers. We are proud to be repeat customers and look forward to a continued association.

"Julian Firth, Co-Founder Cloudmaster Limited"