David Brown // W270 Winch


David Brown

Art Direction

Visual Motif

CGI & Post

Visual Motif


David Brown Gears manufacture and supply engineering products on a global scale, and we were given the opportunity to do some product visuals of the W270 Winch, which was at that time in-development.


We were tasked with producing some traditional cutaway Illustrations of the product. As such, attention to detail was high on the agenda and technical accuracy essential. The 3d model was produced from supplied 2d elevations, then careful consideration was given to the cut away sections which would best highlight the individual components. Metal shaders with subtle variations were created to help position the object and create depth.


The end result was a number of images showing both the product cut-away and a fully textured 3d model of the completed W270. Following the creation of the still images, we have gone on to develop a short animation of the product which has been included on our showreel.