Saudi // Desert City


Saudi Aramco


Graham English & Co


Nev Howell Production

CGI & Post

Visual Motif with Peter McMullan


In 2012 we were approached by Graham English & Co and Nev Howell Production to assist in the production of a 3d animation of a proposed new City in the Saudi Arabian desert. The new City was to include 2,500 dwellings, a large shopping centre, city infrastructure and highways, places of worship, a large industrial area, street-scape and landscaping.


Our involvement was focussed on the creation of the retail centre and the suburban areas of the proposed new City. This required extensive modelling of both the new buildings, the street layout and the general environment, all of which needed to be textured, lit and animated for a detailed fly-through of the development.


The completed 30 second animation can be viewed on the link provided on this page.