Titanic Museum // Belfast


Titanic Belfast


Graham English & Co


Nev Howell Production

CGI & Post

Visual Motif


Titanic Belfast® opened in March 2012 and is a visitor experience like no other, incorporating innovative interactive features, special effects, dark rides and full scale reconstructions to explore the Titanic story in a fresh, insightful and interactive way. We were approached by Graham English and Co and Nev Howell Production during the museum’s construction phase to create some of the exhibits.


Using our renowned attention to detail, we recreated and built accurate 3d sets from archive photographs of the construction and launch of the Titanic in the early 1900’s that brought the scenarios to life.


Our main piece was one of the key exhibits at the museum – a large window overlooking the slipway where Titanic once rested. The state of the art glass included electrodes which could be switched on and off to reveal the existing view or the recreated historic view of the Titanic slipway. Our work also features on one of the internal rides at the museum showing the ‘machine room’ during the construction of the flagship liner. Check out the video link on this page for a full view of the animation.